Who We Are

Wakeman's® Our Mission is to provide today’s active families and individuals with the gear, tools, storage and shelter they need to get out there and celebrate the best of themselves and the outdoors.  With Wakeman’s® commitment to quality and value, you always have a partner in the outdoors that puts you first!

Wakeman® is a proud Brand and wholly owned subsidiary of Trademark Global, LLC.  Using our industry-leading infrastructure, Trademark Global is a top provider of Consumer Products to Mass Market internet retailers, acting as the “endless aisle” our partners demand. Wakeman® is one of the many brands in our portfolio dedicated to providing the consumer useful products at a tremendous value.   At Trademark Global we have always been a pioneer in the e-Commerce marketplace and Wakeman® Brand products represent perfectly the overall company mission to deliver that value through consistent quality, price and customer care. 

Trademark Global is solely dedicated to delivering products via the e-Commerce channel.  We are equally dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, as we believe that our promise begins when you open the box.  Look for the many Wakeman® Brand products available for purchase at your popular e-Commerce retailers.